Warehouse Dash®

The most exhilarating 60-second award experience! In this action-packed event, your winners run through our warehouse aisles and grab merchandise of their choice in a heart-pounding race against the clock.

Custom Fulfillment Process

Few incentive companies have a massive warehouse of merchandise inventoried right on site. Every person in our fulfillment operation takes special care in packaging and shipping an award because they know that every shipment is special to the recipient.


The best way to understand all the features and benefits of infinitE® and our technology tools is through a personal demo.

We would be happy to take you through a demo at a convenient time for you.

Give them what they really want, and they’ll be motivated to make it happen. At Hinda, we’ve got reward and loyalty programs that inspire greatness — because with the right motivation, anything’s possible.

Providing the tools you need to help recognize and reward the people who positively affect your business

At Hinda Incentives, we understand the important elements that go into a successful reward and loyalty program and have all of the resources available to support your needs. We are truly “Rooted in Rewards & Recognition.” Our business is to make your business better.


Hinda Announces Acquisition of Universal Rewards Exchange and Co-Marketing Agreement with Engagement Enterprises

Recognizing and rewarding those who sell your products and services is a great way to improve your bottom line. Keep your team motivated and your sales force engaged with simple programs that deliver rewards quickly and provide regular feedback.

Offering a unique, memorable rewards program is just another way to say “thank you” and keep your customers coming back. We offer you the opportunity to reward the people who have helped grow your business.

Rewarding your workforce reinforces positive behavior, and that’s good for your employees and for your bottom line. Create a reward program customized to the individual interests of your employees. We know what your people want and expect, and that’s exactly what we will deliver.

It’s hard running a successful business when your workforce isn’t operating at 100 percent. Why not incentivize your employees by rewarding them for working safely and taking care of themselves? Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly and reward a variety of safe and healthy behaviors.